River is a fine young stallion with the ability to captivate the hearts of all who meet him. His personality and demeanor are highly complimented as is his “IT” factor. Well mannered in the barn, and in hand, he still possesses plenty of snort and blow!

He is bold. He is beautiful. He is pedigreed and he will pass it on to his get. Aside from a winning personality and flare for impressing all who meet this handsome stud, River’s size is complementary for many riding and show disciplines. His lovely body lines, confirmation, fantastic legs and feet create the all around winning package. His ancestry is undeniable, and highly desirable. Check out our website for his heritage write up. We love our River for so much more than the pedigree. He’s just plain awesome! SCID/CA/LFS Clear, EVA Negative and Vaccinated.