Our Cattle

Superb Breeding Stock

Rearing and selling fabulous Registered British White Park Breeding Stock and Commercial Stock.

Enjoying what we do, BMCC raises all of our animals with loving care. We strive for calm, kind dispositions. Does it make the meat more tender? We don’t know. Science will tell you that a happy existence travels through everyones body and soul. Grass fed, open environment, good relations with the parent cows guarantees the kind of life that humanity demands. And it works. 

The Robust Beef

The Robust Beef!

Bring new dimension to your BBQ’d beef. The fat off the spit will melt into a robust scent designed by Nature to liquify your palate.  Serve towels instead of napkins to capture the volumes of drool as your sal-love-ation makes its way down the chow line at the Cook’s wagon.

Reserve your tasties TODAY! 

Restaurant grade British White Parks or our Western Blend Robust BW/Angus/Limo can produce the tastiest bites ever to grace your braziers. 

Limited editions go to highest Bidder with the biggest appetite. Buy now for your choicest selection. Although we do suggest breeding some into your herd for an infusion of nouveau richness for future menu stoppers.